Friends of
St Oswald's



What happens to the money I donate to Friends of St Oswald's?
We are a registered charity (No. 1142078) regulated by the Charity Commission. Donations are paid into an externally audited fund with spending determined by a management committee.

Who manages Friends of St Oswald's?
The management committee is comprised of unpaid volunteers:
Chair: Chris Metcalfe-Gibson
Secretary: June Ellis
Treasurer: Michael Metcalfe-Gibson
Legal Advisor: Peter Hamilton
Members: Joan Houston, Charles Wildman, Ann Brownrig, Judith Todd, David Vigar.

Do donations support the religious function of St Oswald's?
No. Donations only support the fabric of the building and grounds.

What faith is St Oswald's Ravenstonedale?
Church of England.

Does St Oswald's still function as a church?
Yes. St Oswald's has a thriving congregation. Services are held every Sunday to which all are welcome.

Gilbertine Ruins

In the grounds of St Oswald's there are some Gilbertine ruins which have been excavated to form a very impressive glimpse of history.

Gilbertine Monastic Ruins, St Oswald's Church, Ravenstonedale

Strictly speaking it was not a monastery but a house.